Project Management and Marriage Life, they can be the same

Am I crazy, to compare project management with marriage life? Both of them are like apple and orange, you cannot compare them! There are many successful marriage without the need of project management!
Unfortunately, they both have more similarity than you have ever think. Those who have failed in marriage do not manage their marriage well. While for those who succeed, actually they unconsciously manage their marriage life well, without noticing. If so, what are the similarities between both of them?


Both marriage and project has goal. It is just that the goal for marriage life is different: it is to create a family and have a happy life together. Both marriage and project also can be broken down to some smaller sub-projects with smaller goals, that support the main goal. For example: Having children, raise children, get a home, get a car, or go to Paris (don't get mistaken, this can be a goal itself).

A set of time

In both marriage and project, you have a set of time. In marriage, the end date is not determined, you can treat it as a recurring-maintenance project (lol), while the sub-goals (go to Paris) have a set of start and end date. Because the main goal (marriage) itself has no determined end date, you need a life-long commitment. If you think it is easy, think about how many is it that you have change your job.


Both marriage and project needs funding. They have budget. Without budget your marriage most likely will be broken and cannot be continued. The lack of budget can delay or cancel your sub-goals of marriage (such as go to Paris), and can give impact to the current marriage dependent how both of you see it.


Both of the groom and bride are the only participant in the marriage (project), unless they have children (that's right, who else?). But there are other stakeholders that has some interest with either of you, both of you or your marriage life. They are parents, siblings, cousins (relatives), even your friend and your co-worker as well as your boss. Even the society also have interest with your children later on. 
The level of interest is different for each stakeholder. Anything happen 
at your marriage can have impact to the stakeholder, either it is direct, indirect or not at all. You need to manage them, regarding that they will give you benefit or not (or regardless, if you only want to please them).


The most important, both project and marriage have risks. They can affect your marriage life and harm it. Some of the effect may be lower of trust, lower satisfaction, or even divorce. The risk can can be cheating (can also seen as impact), lack of funding, lack of commitment, lack of faith, family matters, workplace matters, disaster, up to the infinite possibility risks. You cannot manage all of them, and you can also not managing them at all. Same with project, unmanaged risks can often resulting in the failure of project.

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