I'm Moving!

This blog will be moved to SmartFlow Wordpress. This migration is done within 2 reasons: first is wordpress has native implementation for code snippet and 2nd, I want to make more professional blog name.

Let's continue the fun there!

Code Smell : Stringly Typed

This term "Stringly Typed" were coined from codinghorror site here. It is described as "an implementation that needlessly relies on strings when programmer & refactor friendly options are available". Now, have you ever think that you can replace almost every data type, even functions / methods with string? If not, then you can see it here.

Code Smell : Array-based Data Model

In OOP, you have classes to define your data model. Your class can be passed between methods and even other classes as well, making it very flexible to be used, and at the same time still keeping the data structure. It is nice isn't it? Unfortunately, there are a group of programmers who like array-based data model more rather than modeling using classes.

If you find those group working for medium-high complexity projects, quickly demoted them, and exclude them from the socialization. If you find yourself doing the same thing, quickly go to nearest worship place and atone your sin, then begin to start a new life. Is it that bad? Yes it is. Why? Here we go: